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Social Media as Personal Branding Tools for Recruiting

Personal Brand

We all know that branding impacts the choices we make as buyers of productsservices and ideas. We buy thingswill pay a premium, and choose to work someplace over another because of what we know of companies’ brands. Similarly, as hiring managers and recruiters, you can shape your personal brandwhat buyers of your services know about youto recruit the best talent and win new business.

Why social media for personal branding?

Given what we know about who’s using social media, it should be clear why social media are excellent vehicles for spreading the word, as a hiring manager or recruiter, about who you are and what you know. Here are two other reasons why social media should be preferred channels for personal branding:

Reason #1:

Social media provide passive channels for sharing knowledgeFlipping their function as intel-gathering tools, social media are great for telling people what you’re thinkingreading and doing—without directly telling them. You can use your social media to broadcast to everyone in your network (1), without the risk of seeming overly aggressive. Many in the industry are fully aware ofthe negative perceptions of aggressive recruiting tactics.

Reason #2:

Social media provide ways to make your messages more interesting and relevant. Being interesting and relevant is a prerequisite for getting noticed among the buzz. Social media provide ways to share photos, videos, and audio (among other media) – not to mention links to others (2). Using rich media to enhance how others experience your brand can give you an edge in the struggle to get people’s online attentionDifferentiation as a service provider is essential to building a successful recruiting practice.

funny personal brand

Basic social media personal branding tools

Online personal brands can be as varied as the persons they’re branding. That said, here are basic tools you can use to shape your online personal brand:

Profiles. Your social media profiles should convey what you want people to know about you. Start with the basics: make certain visitors can understandwho you are/what you’ve done, what you offer and why they should care. But, as said, differentiating yourself can sway someone’s choosing your services over others’.

Updates. Your updates are your primary means of sharing with your online networks. Platforms like Facebook and Tumblr give you ways to post content directly, while LinkedIn and Twitter are primarily channels for brief commentary and links to outside content. Updating on these platforms is useful for recruiting, and new tools are making it easier to update to your most important social media profiles at once.

Secondary interactions (3). ‘Like’-ing (on Facebook or LinkedIn), sharing or retweeting, following a person’s twitter feed, and commenting on others’ updates are secondary ways of communicating online. Doing one or all of these shows that you care and puts you on others’ radars. This can be an effective tactic for keeping in touch with loose connections like recently-met prospects.

Blogs. Post your recruiting-specific thoughts in long-form (4) to demonstrate your capacity as a communicator and thought leaderStart your own blog (5)and create your own content hub, to which you can link from your social media updates.

But, there are many ways to use social media develop your personal brand. This isjust the start!

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