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How to organize a recruitment drive

What is a recruitment drive?

Generally recruitment drives (or events) are conducted when the requirement is generic but critical and number of positions is more. Here on a predetermined day ideally 50-60 candidates turn up for interview and 4-5 panel members keep taking interviews of candidates all along the day. Number of panel members varies according to number of candidates. Mostly recruitment drives are conducted on weekends as candidates have off that day.

Recruitment drives can be of two types:

Walk -ins : In case of walk-ins, an advertisement regarding the drive is published on news paper or job boards. Any candidate with suitable education and skill set can attend the interview. Mostly it is done for 0-2 yrs candidates.

Scheduled Interview: In case of a scheduled interview large numbers of candidates are scheduled by consultants or company to come on the same day for same requirement. In this case their profiles are already seen and shortlisted by the technical people.

In case of scheduled interview, please ensure that all the candidates get the mail with Interview venue, timing, contact person detail and Job description.
Also candidates should be called a day before for conformation and if possible consultants should do follow up calls also.
Also ensure that all interviewers are informed about the timing and requirement properly.
Discuss the process of interview (number of rounds, written test) with the hiring manager.

On the day of drive:

  • Reach the venue at least 1 hour before the starting time. This will give you necessary time to make arrangements.
  • If a written test is planned then arrange a long room with sufficient chairs.
  • Arrange sufficient chairs in waiting room.
  • Arrange enough candidate information forms and interviewer feedback forms.
  • Arrange rooms for the interviews to be conducted.
  • Have a small talk with the panel members about the hiring plan.
  • Discus with the hiring manager and decide on the average duration of an interview. Convey it to panel members. If interviews stretch for very long time, it may be difficult to finish the process for all the candidates.

Once candidates start coming in :

  • As candidates come, give them information form to fill. Mention the time of candidate’s arrival so that you can send them for interview serially.
  • Immediately start interview process.
  • Don’t make candidate’s wait for very long time. At the same time don’t let interviewers sit idly. Once a candidate’s interview is finished, take his feedback and send another candidate. If a candidate is rejected, don’t make them wait. Rather inform them about the feedback politely and send them back.
  • Keep proper records (candidate name, interview feedback, panel member name etc) of the process in either excel sheet or any other paper.
  • Arrange second round of interview for 1st round shortlisted candidates. And if he clears the final technical rounds try to arrange HR rounds also. If you can finish the whole process in the same day it is good for both the sides. Candidate need not come again and you need not bother to schedule him for HR round again.
  • Look at the candidate turn out ratio and if necessary change your plan accordingly.

(Sample record sheet. Can be modified according to need)

Some difficult situations and how to handle them:

  • Low turn out ratio:

Suppose candidate turn out ratio is very less ie: you have scheduled 100 candidates and only 30 have turned up and hiring manager is really angry.
What to do:
Call all the consultants who have done sourcing and ask them to follow up the candidates again and push candidates to come for interview. Then go to the hiring manager, apologize to him for inconvenience caused and inform about the steps you are taking. It will help to cool him down.

  • Appearance of uncalled candidates:

Sometimes candidates hear about some recruitment drive from their friends and just show up with their resume. Here either you can ask them to leave as they were not scheduled or let them sit for interview.
My suggestion is: take their resume and show it to the panel members. If they find the resume to be suitable, let them sit for interview.

Parameters to measure the success of recruitment drive:

  • Turn out ratio: The ratio of candidates scheduled versus candidates turned up should be good. Generally 70-80% turn out ratio can be termed as good.
  • Offers: Number of offers will definitely be criteria for success of any recruitment event.
  • Smooth proceedings: How well organized the drive was? Did candidates have to wait for very long time? Did you goof up any time?

Well, this is the whole recruitment drive process explained.Simple! isn’t it ? 🙂

Plan properly, maintain a calm demeanor and act diligently. Drive will surely be a success.

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